Once Upon a Time

Wednesday February 29th

Peasant presents Once Upon a Time – a literally magical culinary experience with the most magical ingredients of all.

Mushrooms and wine exist in the realm of myth, legend and fairytales and are now being brought to earth by the experts for your delectation and enjoyment.

A magical evening of exotic food and wine unlike anything you have experienced.

Enter an enchanted macrocosm for an unforgettable evening of dining.

Presented by Amee Brûlée (Aka Dr. Amie Sexton PHD Wine and Culture) with food prepared by award winning Chef Douglas Kerr.

Part of The Central Highlands Forage & Feast celebrations.

Indulge in extraordinary fine cuisine and exquisite wines, presented in combinations that are likely new to your palate.

‘In sylvan glades, where secrets hide,
‘Midst mushrooms wild and wine beside,
Nature’s bounty, a toast we raise,
To flavours bold, our grateful praise.’

This is experiential dining at its finest. Guests will be gifted a mushroom cultivation kit and have the opportunity to order the specially selected wines featured during the evening.

Cost $185 per person

Ballarat's newest and oldest dining experience.
13 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat Central VIC 3350

Peasant Gastronomy 2023