BOWL à la carte


Basillio Sourdough Breads, Smoked Romesco, White Bean and Garlic Purée, Inglenook Butter


Pate De Campagne, Red Onion Jam, Cornichons, Garlic Croutes


Heirloom Tomato and Shallot Salad, Basil Pesto, Bocconcini, Toasted Pine Nuts


Crème Vichyssoise, Chive Crème Fraiche


Main courses (BOWLS)

Roast Rump of Waubra Lamb, Chive Paris Mash, Grilled Local Asparagus, Istra Pancetta, Red Wine Jus


Orecchiette, Spiced Italian Style Sausage, Cavolo Nero, Caramelised Onions, Semi Dried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Parmesan


Roast Lions Mane Mushroom, Warm Cracked Wheat, Feta and Spinach Salad, Pomegranate and Red Onion Dressing


Slow Cooked Cinnamon and Juniper Spiced Beef Short Rib, Crushed Potato and Herb Salad, Roast Carrots, Braising Liquor


Orecchiette, Roast Cherry Tomatoes, Confit Red Onions, Baby Spinach, Roast Garlic, Salsa Verde



Chocolate and Peppermint Gum Bavarois, White Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate and Praline Tuile


Iced Warral Maldon and Green Cardamom Parfait, Poached Apricots, Fresh Honeycomb, Cardamom Reduction


SSelection of Long Paddock Cheese, Muscatels, Quince Jam, Seasonal Pears, Sourdough Bread


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